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3/2/15:  We are now taking reservations for both RVs and cars.  Please call 812-288-9057 to reserve your space today.

2/9/15:  We will begin taking reservations for reserved parking spaces on Monday March 2nd at 8:00am.  RV's will be $275, Cars will be $75 and $50 depending on the space reserved.


Thank you for coming to the Water Tower Square Business Park to enjoy Thunder Over Louisville.  To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the event, we have a few suggestions and a few rules.


1. If you have a reserved RV space, we encourage you to show up on Friday afternoon after 6:00pm. Traffic on Saturday makes it more difficult for us to direct and safely navigate an RV through the lot.  It will be a lot easier for everyone if you park your RV or trailer on Friday and spend the night or come by car on Saturday.

2. If you come in on Friday, please place your RV pass in your vehicle window on the driver’s side.  If any vehicle  doesn’t have a pass, or it is parked in the wrong spot, it will be towed.

3. We will give a “pass out” for cars wanting to come and go the day of Thunder UP UNTIL 1:00PM. After 1:00pm you may not come and go from the property.  If you leave after that time you will not be allowed back in without a pass or without paying again. 

4. Generators and loud music are as much a part of Thunder as fireworks, but please be courteous and respectful of your neighbors.  We don’t want to play Policeman, so please don’t make us.

5. All cars and RV’s will have a reserved and numbered parking space.  You must park in your assigned space or your vehicle will be towed.

6.   RV’s will no longer receive an “RV Car” pass UNLESS your RV is a fifth wheel or a tow behind and then only if it will fit in your allotted space.  You will be able to purchase an additional RV Car pass for $20.  The parking area for these passes will be near Lot A and on a first come first served basis.

7.   Absolutely no open fires of any kind.  If we see an open fire, we’re going to put it out.

8.   All generators must have an extension pipe for the exhaust that reaches above your RV.

9.   We will provide a large dumpster for your trash.  Please place all garbage bags into the dumpster before you leave on Sunday.

10.  We do not provide Port-o-potties.  If you would like to get one, please contract with a third party provider.


For specific information about parking, please call us. 



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