Tenant Info


Parking will be available for all WTS tenants. Please call the leasing office to request your parking passes. Passes will be given out as needed, but we will do our best to accommodate all of our tenants' parking requests.

We encourage all of our tenants to park as close to their space as possible.  BUT, please understand that those spaces are not reserved. It is imperative that everyone be courteous and accommodating to the other tenants and visitors at Water Tower Square. Most, if not all, of our tenants bring in guests and clients, so your understanding is appreciated.

We will take your parking pass at the gate the day of Thunder. If you do not have a pass, you will not get in.  Please don't send your buddy to the front gate with a story that we should know the people in the car or that they are dear friends or relatives.


  • Absolutely no grills inside your space....NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Be careful of who you let into and out of the buildings
  • No parking pass=no parking
  • Please be courteous of your neighbors (i.e. watch the loud music)


THE 280, 300, 350, 360, 380, AND 400 BUILDINGS

For tenants in the 280 Building, 300 Building, 350 Building, 360 Building, 380 Building, and the 400 Building, you are more than welcome to use the restrooms and your suites the day of Thunder. However, with all of the people on the property security is an issue. Make sure that you know the people you let in and out of the building.



As in years past, you will be responsible for the part of your space that between the building and Woerner Avenue. If you want to rope off that area, that's ok. In fact, we encourage you to aggressively monitor your parking spaces.